Welcome to Quick Ahead World

Welcome to Quick Ahead World

We are extremely happy that you have visited my blog. I hope that you will find many interesting articles and broaden your knowledge about eCommerce and digital marketing world that will help you to create and grow your own online business!

In my blog, I will write about different sides of entrepreneurship:

…talk about a rather dirty world of product development and sourcing,

…dive into details of setting up sales platforms,

…run unusual marketing experiments and analyse the results,

…test and grow any business ideas that may arise along the way,

…and create compelling guides to help you with your own online business!


In other words, I will write about cracking the E-commerce world and testing digital marketing limits!

welcome pop-up vs exit-intent pop-up
Welcome Pop-up vs Exit-intent Pop-up. Which One Is Better For Capturing E-mail Subscribers And Converting More Visitors?
More and more online stores have started to use welcome pop-ups offering discounts in exchange for visitor’s email address to
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What is the difference between pageview and viewcontent event
What’s the difference between PageView and ViewContent events for Facebook pixel?
I have seen this question in many eCommerce and marketing forums. Before a while I also had the same problem – I just
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facebook dynamic ads for retargeting
How To Set-up Facebook Dynamic Ads For Re-targeting: A Step-by-step Guide With Screenshots
In this guide, I will walk you through the process of setting up Facebook Dynamic Ads for re-targeting. Why should
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How to install facebook pixel on shopify
How to set-up Facebook pixel on your Shopify store: A step-by-step guide
Anyone who is using Facebook ads or plans to do so should definitely use the power of Facebook Pixel. In
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Wunderlist export to Microsoft To-Do
How to import your lists and to-dos from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do? 9 step guide.
Microsoft recently announced that it is planning to retire Wunderlist to help its newest release – Microsoft To-Do – a
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What is financial freedom? How about true freedom?
It’s usual morning — I am drinking my coffee and checking my e-mail! Nothing extra-ordinary… at first… but suddenly one e-mail caught my
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Jobs to be done explained – the framework for every visionary, product and marketing manager
You might have read about Jobs to be done book; or heard about Jobs to be done theory and roadmaps.
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