Marketing Your Products

Marketing Your Products

How to market your ecommerce products
Your clients are on the internet, the question is – how to find them in the most efficient way? How to create your ads and how to create an effective marketing strategy with efficient customer journey and re-targeting campaigns?

I have worked with Facebook ads, Google Adwords and other platforms. In these articles, I share my experience of using different marketing strategies and channels. Here you will find many tips and tricks and useful step-by-step guides to help you create the best marketing strategy for your product and grow your online business.

There are tons of different platforms, Facebook, Google search engine, Pinterest, Reddit and many others. I believe that each product is unique and hence, must have a unique marketing strategy. Facebook Ads won’t work for everyone. I love experiments and share all insights on different marketing strategies that I have tried, including results analysis with real data and step-by-step guides on how you can implement the same strategies for your products.

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welcome pop-up vs exit-intent pop-up
Welcome Pop-up vs Exit-intent Pop-up. Which One Is Better For Capturing E-mail Subscribers And Converting More Visitors?
More and more online stores have started to use welcome pop-ups offering discounts in exchange for visitor’s email address to increase conversion rates and grow their mailing list. However, many business owners are using these welcome pop-ups without fully thinking it through and testing it. Growing a mailing list is a secret weapon for additional revenue and …
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What is the difference between pageview and viewcontent event
What’s the difference between PageView and ViewContent events for Facebook pixel?
I have seen this question in many eCommerce and marketing forums. Before a while I also had the same problem – I just couldn’t find a simple explanation for differences between these two Facebook pixel events: PageView and ViewContent. As you might know, these are some of the events that you can use for Facebook ad optimization. Therefore it is …
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facebook dynamic ads for retargeting
How To Set-up Facebook Dynamic Ads For Re-targeting: A Step-by-step Guide With Screenshots
In this guide, I will walk you through the process of setting up Facebook Dynamic Ads for re-targeting. Why should you use re-targeting? In short – it is one of the most efficient advertisement strategies with amazing ROI (Return on Investment). As you might have heard – around 96% of your site visitors are not …
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How to install facebook pixel on shopify
How to set-up Facebook pixel on your Shopify store: A step-by-step guide
Anyone who is using Facebook ads or plans to do so should definitely use the power of Facebook Pixel. In simple words – it is a special Facebook tool that tracks your website visitor activities. Facebook itself suggests using Facebook pixel for two main reasons: 1) Reach the right people 2) Measure the ads of …
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Jobs to be done explained – the framework for every visionary, product and marketing manager
You might have read about Jobs to be done book; or heard about Jobs to be done theory and roadmaps. I have read the book quite a few times and now I decided to dive into it, analyze the concept, explain and summarize it using many great examples from the book and write this article – jobs to be done explained. …
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